Track Analysis: Mi Sueño by Lesibu Grand



Pronounced “Le-SEE-boo Grand”, Atlanta based Lesibu Grand has recently released an artful video for their track titled “Mi Sueño” or translated to english My Dream is a jam session song brought to life with a tame and calming video setting. 


Atlanta, GA being one of America’s melding pots of musical culture has driven these artists of Lesibu Grand together to create a smooth, and emotional experience of music that drives off old school soul and jazz creating an intermingling force of nature. 


The vibe from this song is attention grabbing as the vocals are smoothly laced in with the deep bass notes and distant drum mixing that create the language of music that even if you can’t hear the words, it speaks. 


The origin of Lesibu Grand is one born of just natural chemistry between like minds. Singer Tyler-Simone Molton and bassist John Renaud bumped into one another by chance at a ‘Pains of Being Pure at Heart’ show in East Atlanta. 



While being acquaintances by social circles, the two gravitated creatively after the aforementioned show and went into what’s quoted as a ‘Songwriting Frenzy’!

The inspiration of the song can be better explained from the Singer Tyler-Simone Molton herself, so here is a quote from their direct press release:

 “Dreams have long been a central theme in the African-American experience. Expressed most famously by Martin Luther King Jr. in his ‘I Have A Dream’ speech, dreams of freedom, equality, fairness and salvation are what held African American people together during the most difficult experiences imaginable. The collective dream of oppressed people.” 


“Of course, we also had the more typical dreams that everyone has — the ones about being with someone we’re attracted to, or becoming a teacher or doctor, or raising children or creating art. The dreams of personal aspirations. And obviously we dream when we’re asleep.  The unpredictable — yet potentially very powerful — dreams of the unconscious mind. All three of these dream types are a part of who I am today. Although we are separated by the passage of decades, I feel a connection to the people in our video through these shared dream types. With this video, I ask the viewer to imagine what their dreams — large and small, collective and personal, woke and sleeping — might have been.” – Tyler-Simone Molton, Lesibu Grand




The bottom line: Contrast CTRL[Control] is always about sharing ‘Music That Matters’ and this is a bright pick from the garden of music as 2020 rolls us into a new decade and gives us another year of great music ahead!

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