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Palestine, TX native’s Blacktop Mojo are geared up once again with a 3rd album successfully crowd-funded that brings a new flavor and adventure to this bands Journey.

Contrast CTRL has been a huge supporter of BTM for quite some time, and it’s very apparent why. With each album we see a familiarity and taste of new elements that bring the ears much needed pleasure.

Under The Sun feature 10 tracks that give their signature tone and vibe with a touch of blues and more crushing grunge metal riffs to really shake up the formula. These songs are built for a barrage of sound in a club or arena, anywhere they can shake the walls, Blacktop Mojo will!

Can’t Sleep – Not only is this song the lead single for Under The Sun, but it’s also one of it’s darkest entries as song subject matter tackles how secrets can haunt and create negative consequences depending on what that secret is. The music video features a time old tragic scene of a unfaithful partner and how that can create it’s own negative ending.

Can’t Sleep provides a visual and audible lesson for us and we should all take away what it offers.

We here at Contrast CTRL believe in sharing inspiring messages and motivation, we also believe in real world facts and realities that everyone should aspire to be a better version of who we were yesterday. That is the point of sharing ‘Music That Matters’,

Moving on to the rest of the album, we get a taste of a blues-rock side of the band that has yet not been shown to the world. Under the Sun is the perfect time for such a element to added to a already dynamic formula.

Songs like ‘The Lashing[Ghost]’ and ‘Keep’ are true salt of the earth southern-rock with their grit and inspiring guitar work! Matt’s vocal approach is yet again unpredictable as we hear those Robert Plant fashion highs and the signature Blacktop Mojo country growl lows we are used to.

A notable thing about ‘The Lashing’ is how chilling and groovy the song is in it’s own right. Matt is calling to the soul singers of the past on this one and creating a vocal range that is always surprising but top shelf no back down quality. The Lashing is a true showcase of this.

For those who have seen Blacktop Mojo live will surely be excited to hear this one [The Lashing] belted out over the PA speakers of the respective venue.

Under The Sun’s production value and writing have shown a maturity and experience from the bands constant tours and each word and instrument is in such a tight structure. As a fan of the band and a writer as well, It’s so nice to see a progression and familiarity that remains intact.

Under The Sun‘s approach to a more blues-rock/metal soundscape is noteworthy and an amazing attempt that we here at CC feels was a successful endeavor.

The Void – When you get an acoustic-guitar intro to any southern rock song you know things are about to get real and in your face. The Void is a haunting entry to this album as it’s a darkness in ourselves we have yet to realize is there, this track simply bubbles it to the top and creates a therapeutic escape for us to listen and learn.

The Void also has a really sweet breakdown and for anyone who has jammed with other musicians, a heavy breakdown to drone out a riff is just pure joy to be a part of. Thank you BTM for giving that to us! “Answer The Void When It Calls”!

Under The Sun by Blacktop Mojo is that taste of Southern Rock that shatters the norm of what can be attempted and forges a wall shaking set of tracks that are sure to fill that rock heavy heart in anyone! – Contrast CTRL

Under The Sun [Title Track] – Riff heavy and full of adventurous singing ranges, this is certainly a strong contestant for future single release and a high hope for a mainstay live track to hear on the bands upcoming shows! This is an ideal way to end any music project destined for release. Definitely prepare yourself for an audible adventure!


It Won’t Last – This song… is just so blues heavy! Matt’s lowkey vocals introduce the lyrics in a smooth manner as the instrument section fills the background full of lively bass and organ while the guitar’s minor distortion touch makes this a toetapper and song you wanna pour a glass of whiskey while listening to. “The Best Thing About These Feelings, It Won’t Last” – It Won’t Last

So where does that leave us at the end of this whole thing? Well, we have more music from a great band that is continually hungry for creating groovy tracks, new elements such as blues and higher singing ranges, and so much more.

Where are we? : A true southern rock and blues entry into a catalog from a band that shows so much promise and innovation within their own creativity, it’s only up where the band Blacktop Mojo can go from here. Under The Sun is a solid addition to their arsenal of original songs and you need to experience it for yourself!

Contrast CTRL always takes pride, and reward in reviewing great music that is thought provoking and entertaining, Under The Sun by Blacktop Mojo is another addition to our task of sharing ‘Music that Matters’,

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