A Hero’s Journey by Capital Theatre

Contrast CTRL is built upon Music That Matters, or better yet a sound with a message that transcends language, evokes an emotional reaction, and maybe even get you out of your headspace and into a landscape that is fun and interwoven with stories of the human experience. 

New Zealand’s trio Capital Threatre have much the same thought as we do here. Their freshman effort ‘A Hero’s Journey‘ is a star studded endeavor that features some famous musicians and producers but keeps the bands core vision as the foundation. 

‘A Hero’s Journey’ seems to romance the human journey by referring to us more than just an individual but a “Hero”. This certainly got my attention, so I had to hit that play button and see what I could learn. 

Starting off with a banger of a track ‘Fait Accompli’ defines to “A thing that has already happened or been decided before those affected hear about it, leaving them with no option but to accept it.” [Thanks Google!]

From the band’s perspective, we are all thrust into this chaotic world without a choice so it’s thus, Fait Accompli for everyone. On a personal note, Adam Stevenson who helms guitar and piano and vocals on the project shared insight into Fait Accompli: “The lyrics are partly observational, but it’s also referring to how my first daughter was born prematurely in an emergency kind of scenario, and how terrifying that experience was.”

With that said, we here at Contrast CTRL wish well for Stevenson & Capital Theatre. Fait Accompli is a huge start to an amazing journey on this record and gives us a glimpse of the heat the band can bring when needed.

Many layers of the human condition and the world that surrounds it are brought out through songs like ‘People’ that show commentary on the structure between rich and poor. ‘Long Way To Fall’ talks about courage and risk with a soundtrack of pianos and synths and heavy drum presence throughout the track, one of a kind on the album for me personally as the call to adventure is a big gamble but worth taking that leap of faith now and again.

“Carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders, further into space and I’m getting colder” – Long Way To Fall.

Whether it’s a forceful entry into a world we can’t control, trying to find our voice amongst the orchestra of identity, or taking a call to adventure and the risks for the reward, Capital Theatre has put forth quite the effort into that romancing of the everyday soul.

As a music enthusiast, musician, and content creator I always want to find what moves me and thus in turn present it to you in an elegant and fun fashion. However, please take the time to find for yourself the messages on this album and I guarantee there will be a track for you! 

Capital Theatre had a ton of amazing people work with them on this project which is impressive for a freshman endeavor. What does that mean? It means this band had the foundation for amazing songs and others saw that potential, including me! 

So please check out Capital Theatre’s ‘A Hero’s Journey’

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