Bourbon House – Into The Red [CTRL Review]

In this article we’ll discuss Into the Red, from groove rockers Bourbon House. Not only my favorite adult beverage to enjoy in good and bad times, but apparently a new favorite band in the Contrast CTRL Collection.

I Got Trouble: With a heavy heart and mind you open your favorite beverage of choice, over the rocks, and let this record hit and I guarantee your world of troubles will come forth and be treated to the confrontation and satisfaction of the fact that you know you got trouble and that commiserating through this song will have ultimately been the right choice.

Music often speaks and expresses in ways regular words couldn’t even fathom. If there were no words, the guitars smoothness approach and that jazzy influenced bassline that compliments the drums will move you in ways you didn’t think possible! 

With that long explanation and word picture painting out of the way, Yeah, this song is awesome and is such a groovy vibe so enjoy it!

Dead In The Water: A chaotic and hard hitting rock groove featuring fast paced lyrical stylings with twangy guitar entries to create that old fashion led zeppelin-esque vibes. Lacey Crowe’s work on eahc and every track is brought to fruition and amazing fashion on this track as she ranges from gritty hard rock vocals to subtle and enticing on the breakdown line.

Jason Clark’s work on guitars really shows a large array of technique in the musical arsenal as Dead In The Water has more twangy distorted work and I Got Trouble has smooth bluesy-jazz rock groove incorporated into it.

Rarely do i get to praise and name drummers such as Ryan Sargent, who just master the drum work and make sure it has subtle places but also bright and shining showings. Well done sir, well done.

As a musician myself, this is the kind of band that would guarantee a fun time in studio sessions and live settings as this type of Rock n Roll is so open to improvisation on stage but also just a simple formula that can always reshape and form into a hard driving hit, or a blues infused jam. Either way Bourbon House brings the heat and combines many elements to create a fun listening experience!

Now that I’ve gushed and affectionately mentioned what i liked about this album and band, I think the best thing to do is give it up to others interpretation and encourage every reader to give this band a chance and find the song and groove that works for you!

For more info on Bourbon House, please check out their official website here!

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