Song Review: Bullseye by Duelranger


In my pursuit of searching out great new music for personal enjoyment as well for the website [the very place you are reading this!], I have stumbled upon Rock n Roll outfit Duelranger and their latest song titled ‘Bullseye’!

With a fun and simple no frills music video of Duelranger playing their instruments while enjoying a bit of target practice [safely regulated rest assured folks], It brings more focus to the song itself as it just pounds from the first riff to the last.

Deep melodic vocals on top of tight southern twang-distorted guitars and some amazing mixing on the drums just make ‘Bullseye’ a truly amazing listening experience! 

Lyrically, the song gives off a feeling of not letting the past define you and in Duelranger’s charming way, saying pull the trigger on something new and don’t hold yourself back. As always, that is a message we here at Contrast CTRL love to support! 

With the theme of a gunslinger old west fashion, the chorus of this song is so catchy and memorable! I’m sure after one listen many will be humming this amazing lyric:


Quickdraw on something new 

To kill what i cannot undo

Gunning down the past i left behind

Gonna shoot straight into the sky

Dig my grave before i die

And pull the trigger for the final time…

On the bullseye!


Another interesting and surprising element to ‘Bullseye’ musically is the organ solo and guitar solo that work in tandem. This is such a refreshing and not often heard thing in recent music. So big respect and points to Duelranger for playing outside the box and giving that southern flare only bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd paved the way for all of us to enjoy!


So what do we have at the end of it all? We have a music video that isn’t overdone and kept minimal on a well produced level. A song with deep vocals and catchy hooks, a guitar solo so smoothly performed and a surprise organ solo to fit right in the middle. 


With the whole song giving off the vibe of just doing what you have to in order to hit the ‘Bullseye’ on live, Duelranger gives us a formula for a rockin’ good time and promise for more future tunes that will no doubt be just as fun and interesting!


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