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Written below is my initial review of a EP from Blacktop Mojo entitled “Static EP”,  4 rocking tracks that resonate so true as 2020 rolls into a ever hardship filled year. With bands like Blacktop Mojo continuing to create in these unprecedented times of human history, always remember that music is the universal language that can connect us to peace and harmony, as well as controversy and thought provoking messages.


What’s in a musician’s legacy? Is it that one song that topped charts and reached millions of ears and hearts? Is it life on the road entertaining countless faces and cherishing the adoration of a roaring crowd? 

While that’s up to each musician to figure out and share with us, we have the opportunity to grow with certain bands and take personal interest as each project promises much of the same and more of the new.  Blacktop Mojo is a band I have followed since the very beginning and have fallen in love with their sound record after record. 

I’ve heard blues, rock, acoustics all in one song and on every album. But i think now is the time where we all get to listen to something new and shocking and fascinating in a 4 song ep entitled ‘Static’. 

It’s somber and energetic, chaotic yet structured it’s a blend of the old Blacktop and the yet-to-be seen Blacktop.

Released May 29th, 2020 is the 4 song EP from Texas rockers Blacktop Mojo. Contrast CTRL is all about sharing Music that Matters and a rocking good time for all to enjoy! We are all about the good times and vibes and want you as a reader to always have something fresh in the playlist!

From edgy rock riffs to somber acoustic entries, Blacktop Mojo have captured all the essence and years of experience into 4 unique songs to give a sampler if you will, of only what’s to come!

As a band that was founded in 2012, they have certainly grown over time and experimented with new styles and forged their own sound amongst the wealth of influence in the realm Rock. Static is a true showing of what a band can do with 4 songs to offer.

One thing as a music listener is that I always appreciate the growth of a band and how it shows from project to project. For Blacktop Mojo, this is a new wave of music that we haven’t heard before and only shows great promise for the next project they release.

The End – This song has the visceral bass entries and the heavy guitars laid right underneath vocals that attack in the high range right away and don’t let up leaving you in a place of heaviness that is tough to come down from! “Deep Down You Always Knew”


Watch Me Drown – A Somber entry from Blacktop Mojo that slows things down and gives off the vibe of sitting in a practice room and the collective minds of the band putting together a song built from all the aggression and passion that music brings. 

With the way the world is right now we need songs like this that speak volumes from the instruments to the vocals and the simplistic ideal that we just need to rock out. So thank you Blacktop for this track in 2020!


Leave It Alone – The art of a 90s Grunge Ballad tune rings true on this track. Leave It Alone reminds me very much so of how Alice In Chains could create a rocking and haunting atmosphere.

From the catchy chorus and atmospheric chords the guitar plays, Leave it Alone is a stand out track on this wonderful EP!


Signal’s Gone – Being a fan of Blacktop since 2012 [OG Fans Rep!] this is the truest track from the band that captures their earlier sound and mixes it with the road traveled to now. 

“You’re growing faint

My technicolor view is turning gray

Twist the antenna around

Is there something wrong” – Signal’s Gone by Blacktop Mojo

The above lyrics quoted are very powerful and give off the sense of someone who has lost their direction or identity as life continues to change. The world doesn’t revolve around, if we don’t adapt we’ll never truly move forward. That’s only but the humble takeaway this writer gathered from the last track on the Static EP.

After the dust has settled and I’ve been able to sit down again and write about the thing i love the most, music, i have a new perspective and appreciation for this EP as it’s a part of a year that has been rife with tragedy and change. 

Let’s hope bands like Blacktop Mojo continue to give us that sweet escape and one language in their music that puts us all on equal ground and gives a groove to look forward to one day after the next.


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