Review: Slant “With or Without You” [U2 Cover]

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In this review we take a look at the aspects of Mental Health awareness and a very surreal experience in a music video from Alternative Rockers ‘Slant’. 

Originally released in 1987 by Irish rockers U2, With or Without you was the third track on their 5th studio album entitled ‘The Joshua Tree’. Being the first breakout hit to hit the United States and usher forth a successful career, this song has an amazing legacy.

Bono was quoted as the song being inspired by a ‘Relationship you cannot escape‘, or a tortured situation with someone you love. Clearly the song has deep roots of relationship trials and tribulations. 

Moving on from the legacy the song has left and on to the cover that is the main focal point of this article. In a press release, Lead singer Fahim Zaman was quoted saying the following:

“I wanted the video to depict how straining and complicated things can get when pursuing a life in creative arts, in terms of mental health. We all know someone that has dealt with substance abuse or behavioral/mental health related instances. On a personal and national level, we have seen those in the arts or creative fields fall into the cycle of substance abuse or other addictions while pursuing their productive paths. Our hope is to bring mental health to the forefront of conversations so that those affected know there are great outlets for help.”

While the video itself is a very dramatic experience and shows the ups and downs to drug addiction and mental illness, the band clearly states the mission is to bring awareness and truth to the fact that these issues are very real and very traumatic to the person going through and those surrounding them.

The focus of Rock to Recovery [featured at the end of the video] is to help creative minds find a safe space to continue their passion and to help them find a way to cope with the recovery process. 

When it comes to recovery groups, it’s interesting to see such a organization focus on the creative arts and helping those who want to find a positive change but still create. As a musician and a writer, it’s such a nice glimmer of hope to see that for my specific interest/passions there is a group of caring individuals out there who want to help the creators to create in a positive recovery space and mindset.

Musically, Slant’s signature musical style wasn’t compromised in the making of this song as it is very fun and vibrant to listen to and also doesn’t take away from the original composition, but adds to it in a wonderful way!


Slant’s rendition of ‘With or Without You’ is a beautiful tribute to a band that changed the world and created meaningful songs any walk of life can find meaning to. It is very promising to see what Slant accomplishes with their forthcoming EP entitled ‘Qui Vivra Verra’ Due out June 21st, 2019.


The video is dark in nature but life isn’t always sunshine and unicorns, this piece of truth and the expression of fighting through it to better yourself is the kind of fundamental values Contrast CTRL was founded on. Truly, Music That Matters.


For more information on Rock to Recovery & Slant, please check out the following links:

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