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It’s rare we take a look at just one singular track from an artist here at Contrast CTRL. Today we are looking at a promising song from Bristol, UK founded pop artist RVBY entitled ‘Honey Bee’.

Bristol is quite the landmark in the United Kingdom from it’s Clifton Suspension Bridge, a bridge built in 1864 is quite the sight to see. Bristol also features a plethora of artists, some known here in the US such as Portishead

As nice as a little tourist expert from me is, we are here to get focused on what ‘Honey Bee’ by RVBY is and why this song is special in it’s own right and worthy of that CC[Contrast CTRL] review treatment.

Pop is always a tough genre of music for me to take a listen to. From a youth, to current day, I have not personally attached myself to much of the songs in this category. But, i can say that the lyrical theme and production of ‘Honey Bee’ is quite wonderful and has been stuck in my since first listen.

Tackling a topic of surviving choices and learning to deal with the consequences rendered, ‘Honey Bee’ by RVBY features a wonderful music foundation to accompany the lyrics of not giving up and pushing forward despite obstacles. The video is also very vivid to match the lyrics and can really make one think of how much strength it takes to just survive a day to day job or a rather routine schedule that can feel like you are just stuck in neutral, simply existing.

As a writer, that can often be the case as there are so many things to review and consume audibly that sometimes, it just becomes a dulled sense that was once a source of expression and passion. ‘Honey Bee’ is a nice breath of fresh air to that routine. The mixing on this track provides the right amount of bass lows and all the pop created effects ring through but don’t overshadow the vocal work involved. 

As a musician who has spent way too many hours turning knobs and loading sound effects/filters, i applaud the engineer for their work on this track and giving my picky ears something to praise! 

The Verdict: ‘Honey Bee’ by RVBY is a track that matters on many levels from the emotional, to the musical feel-good landscape that is created in just 3 minutes and 11 seconds.


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