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Poem: Less Than Obvious Heart

2015-07-26 07:09:34 contrastcontrol
A Poem of a man who is nervous about asking the woman he wishes attention from to take notice of him....
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A Time In The Fade

2015-04-28 11:59:02 contrastcontrol
The first in a series of poems dedicated to a tired mind and wondering heart. The end result is the realization of that time of rest and positive feelings that will develop once letting go takes effect.
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Poem - A Time In The Fade... Four

2015-04-23 20:16:24 contrastcontrol
Writing1 "A Time In The Fade.... Four"
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Poem: Covering by James West

2015-01-12 21:10:33 contrastcontrol
Writing Poem I wrote in the midst of my chaotic thoughts. Basically remembering someones words when you need them most. --James  
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Lyrics: Open Your Eyes

2014-12-16 12:32:46 contrastcontrol
contrastcontrolLyrics i wrote years ago about wanting that someone special someone to open their eyes and see that the love they need is right in front of them. -------James West
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