A Time In The Fade


The first in a series of poems dedicated to a tired mind and wondering heart. The end result is the realization of that time of rest and positive feelings that will develop once letting go takes effect.

A moment of slipping away into a scene where no one wants to be
The situation getting hotter as the adoring world fans the flames
Being in the spotlight, the hot seat can sometimes be to much to take
But what will it take? How far can one go to make another break?

Forcing fantasies of love, hopes, and dreams
Spreading the deception that the grass on the other side is green
Not to say those things aren’t good to hope for
Don’t think the world is like a bull waiting to to gore
It’s just a matter of realistic and valuable advice you should take
Because if you don’t things will be harder to make

Use your own two hands and share a common courtesy with others
I know it hurts now but trust me, it’ll all be worth it
Keep your selfish opinions and hurtful words to yourself
Get off your high horse and learn to yell with the rest

The diamond in the rough and worst is usually the best
Bend and break, turn and face that new leaf like the rest
Get it off your chest but learn to always give to pass the test
The humanity of the times is slowing on the downfall
Failing authorities and all the writing on the wall

But the silver lining is truly a breath of fresh air
When your fingers are worked and your challenge met
The character built will last for years yet
So hold on and be strong and learn to move on
Stay out the past anger push through
This poem is here for you to choose and use if you dare…

Written by James West – October 9, 2014

About James

Yo! My name is James and I love talking and writing about Music! I look for the positive things from the music I choose to write about. I don't apologize for this and hope you find music that Matters to you!

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