Poem: Less Than Obvious Heart

A Poem of a man who is nervous about asking the woman he wishes attention from to take notice of him….


“Less Than Obvious Heart”

I long to know you and all you do
I always see you, in the most beautiful light
Your eyes they become you, as i start to drift away
I always see you, so far away

Oh how i long for your voice
To grace the pallet of my ears
The beckoning of my thoughts all these years
Progress in heart, yet courage won’t start

Hit and miss life is, as i coast on by
Lack of courage, to muster strength inside
Simple words, yet delicate in nature
I long to tell you, yet how do i compose my stature?

Second guessing and nervousness, to truly lose myself in my mess
Forgetting the confidence that lead me in your direction
Slow shifting in the winds like a little bird without protection
Fragile i find this, yet i still wait and long to be strong

Forgive my absurdness, the maddening writers heart
The folly of his wishes, forgetting what is meant to impart
My message of kindness and fragile ego, not often will a man write this as he goes
The birds of heaven, teach me though

Fly free under the wings of something inspiring
Learn to forgive myself and put it this together
There will be no other moment, never
To shout out my thoughts
To close my poem
With a less than obvious heart…..

– James West – 7-24-2015

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Yo! My name is James and I love talking and writing about Music! I look for the positive things from the music I choose to write about. I don't apologize for this and hope you find music that Matters to you!

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