Poem – A Time In The Fade… Four


“A Time In The Fade…. Four”

It was another way to Forge myself
A better man meant for nothing else
Unstable at the edges
Glued to the inner mechanisms

Soft to the touch
Deadly to the heart
Feelings unrequited
Lovely dead end start

Feelings of loss turn to mourning
But to understand is learning nothing
Thoughts unspoken left tended to their own devices
Leave a man so tired he forgets what true sight is

Stable in thought and control
Forgetting self in the process
Learning not of the mold that is built
Echoes of yesterday as my light tilts and dims

Shambles of a man with no idea where to stand…

About James

Yo! My name is James and I love talking and writing about Music! I look for the positive things from the music I choose to write about. I don't apologize for this and hope you find music that Matters to you!

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