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In the midst of all the recent negativity in the news and airwaves of radio, Denver based RnB sensation Mawule contributes to his thoughts on all the unrest.

‘Black is Beautiful’ is a social piece that features a chorus beautifully sang by Bianca Mikahn and a rap breakdown by Denver’s Ill Se7en

The song matches the video as a sad set of clips in black and white match Mawule‘s visual somber presence as he sings his thoughts for all to enjoy. Bianca and Ill are also featured in the video contributing their presence in much the same matter to drive home the point that his is a serious topic.

An important fact to keep in mind that Mawule wanted all to keep in mind is that this song is about positive self image and looking at all lives as important. So what to take away? This song is about self love and love for others no matter their skin color.

Black is Beautiful‘ is out on now on Mawule‘s new album ‘Chosen‘ which you can find below in the following links. Contrast CTRL would like to thank Mawule for offering us the opportunity to share his insightful message with all of you.

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This is not a normal Contrast CTRL article as you can tell. But on the flipside, this is all about focusing on a positive singer and a positive video of insight and motivation to love life. I think we all can get behind messages like this.

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