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Contrast CTRL is a website founded one many elements. However, one thing above the rest is the mission of this little spot on the internet. Sharing music that matters. So here we are with Colorado based singer/songwriter Marisa Nikole.

A unique entity in the independent music scene, Marisa is a woman that has traveled many roads, most of which have been painful and tragic. Despite this however, Marisa Nikole has created some amazing music inspired by her persistence to keep living and not taking the negativity that has tried to keep her from accomplishing her goals.

While there are many stories this singer can tell us about her life and experiences we are here today to focus on her latest song “Warrior” that is a very beautiful in tone, but harsh truth in nature. Warrior embodies strength in it’s dark passages of instruments and vocals alike. The darkness however isn’t a bad thing. It’s what drives home the point of being strong. Exuding strength and not letting anything keep you down!

After hearing this amazingly empowering and well written song, we asked the musician herself to give us a personal meaning for the song.

“Warrior is like my anthem song, my song of strength, in every aspect of the word. I’ve had a few people in my life who have really hurt me, who have betrayed me, and who have twisted truths and spread some pretty hurtful rumors of me to try to break apart some of my friendships and other relationships in the past. So this song is like my f-u to those people who have tried to knock me down for no reason, letting them know that I’m a “warrior”, I’ve been through hell and back, my resilience and character are the epitome of strength, and there’s no way in hell I’m going down without a fight. This is my story to tell, and I choose my own ending. There are many metaphors in the song referring to “strength”, in different ways.” – Marisa Nikole

While that may be hard to take in for the more feint of heart, Marisa’s message is quite relatable. It’s not assertive or pushy that it’s her way or the highway. But rather, it’s a calling to the mind and heart of someone else that strength is necessary to survive this world we know today.

On the other hand she also expressed what she wanted listeners to take away from “Warrior”.

“I really want to convey the message of inner strength for anyone who listens to the song. It doesn’t matter what kind of situation someone is going through or trying to pull themselves out of……bullying, addiction, mental illness, abuse (physical, sexual, verbal, emotional)……those who are struggling, I want the song to serve as a staple of recovery, healing, and a reclamation of worthiness, strength, and fortitude in their lives, like the feeling of a phoenix who rises from the ashes.” – Marisa Nikole


With her powerful voice and dynamic range going into the deep spectrum, Warrior tells this message in a melodic way that will help you take notice more so to the message of being a survivor or any troubles and trials one may face in this life.

Contrast CTRL is very appreciative of a message about standing up for yourself and being a better person all around. Music is that expression-filled avenue that can provide a voice to the voiceless or a message to those who didn’t know they needed it. The more we feel music the more it MATTERS.

Marisa Nikole is a musician that clearly wants her music to Matter. Warrior is a fantastic rock song that features intricate guitar work, has the Best daws and drums that fill the ears and any room it’s played in. Vocal Marisa is deep toned as she approaches the lyrics of being a stronger person for all that she has experienced.

So there is my mini review of a impressive song from the underground known as independent music! I hope you enjoyed and take a listen for yourself to the song and find your own strength and enjoyment in whatever music you choose to listen too!


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