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We all end up at one point inside our homes during a downpour of h20. Sometimes the sound of rain hitting the roof can be calming, or an overall annoyance. If you are much like me, it’s the perfect time to slow down a playlist and change the mood.

Here we are with the Top 10 Rainy Day songs comprised by some of musics most talented artists!

1. War – Baby It’s Cold Outside

First heard on the Outlaw album, Baby It’s Cold Outside was meant to be issued as a seasonal single much like every other track on the album. This song sets the perfect somber mood for a Rainy Day the way it slowly presents itself and eases into a catchy chorus.

War have created many funky and rock like songs over their career, but this song is a special presentation to the world of something a bit more soft and loving in nature. I hope you enjoy this song as much as i do!

2. Billy Idol – Eyes Without A Face

From his iconic album Rebel Yell, Eyes Without a Face was co-written by Idol and guitarist Steve Stevens. For those who owned an extended version of the original release of Rebel Yell this song was noted as one of the first three written and notably featuring the soft female vocals of Perri Lister, who is an English actress, dancer, choreographer.

Idol’s soft approach and accompaniment of a female touch have made this song a perfect fit for this playlist. Think back to a time when music was recorded in different ways and the people who were known for edgy songs could get downright human when they wanted to.

3. The Commodores – Easy

For those familiar with Motown, you know there is always a number hit to be found no matter who is singing. Easy is a song written by The Commodores while on the Motown record label. Lionel Richie, one musics iconic and well-known songwriters wrote this song as a crossover hit. Now it’s a number 1 single all these years later.

Easy is a song that i can imagine waking up to any time or season. From the piano and smooth vocals to the properly placed guitar solo and the emotional highs Richie hits as he belts out the chorus a few more times before the songs end, this proves to be one of my favorite Rainy Day songs.

4. Al Green – Tired of Being Alone

A successful hit in the early 1970s, Al Green released this song on his 1971 album Al Green Gets Next To You. Known for his high pitched soulful voice, Al Green originally intended to release this song in the late 1960s, but do to difficulties ended up putting it out much later.

Tired of Being Alone is a title that makes the songs intentions clear. Al Green was a man who appreciated the love another and always approached his music in such a manner of warmth and funk that would either have you dancing with your significant other, or putting those headphones on and closing your eyes to run off into that musical landscape.

5. Toto – Africa

Africa is one of Toto’s most recognizable songs and single to date. Written by keyboardist/vocalist David Paich and drummer Jeff Porcaro, Africa takes on the life of it’s own as the inspiration is driven by only documentaries of oppression and photos of the motherland.

Quoted from singer David Paich, the song is meant to be a ‘how would i feel’ song when considering how other cultures live day to day and how we could see ourselves feeling while entertaining the thought of a new perspective.

Perfect for this list from it’s musical smoothness and vocals, Africa is a special song that inspires a sense of exploration in me and makes me appreciate the beauty of nature and life in general.

6. Patti Labelle – On My Own ft Michael Mcdonald

Off her first Platinum hit album and featuring the ever powerful vocals of Michael Mcdonald, On My Own is a song that reflects both sides of a relationship coming to an end, but the love still remaining in hopes of one day being rekindled.

Rainy Day indeed for those going through relationship troubles that keep pouring down. The music video recorded for the song depicts both singers in separate cities. The apartments have similar layouts and decorations, really setting the theme for the song visually.

7. Bill Withers – Just The Two Of Us

Yet another iconic face and voice of music is Bill Withers. Born on July 4, 1938, Bill Withers no doubt had a songbird within him. Early in life, Bill had a stutter so he felt no confidence in how he spoke, but after a time of being in the United States Navy, he overcame his stutter and became interested in singing.

Not long after that, Bill started working in major production factories to make a honest living. When it came time to sing, well, you know it’s all history from there.

Just The Two Of Us is a song written by William Salter and Ralph Mcdonald. Once they had a general theme and wording they took it to Withers. Knowing Bill, they knew he was a ‘stickler’ for simple wording in songs and he eventually added in such memorable lines as ‘Crystal Raindrops’.

That all being said, Just The Two Of Us paints a beautiful picture of just wanting to be with someone and enjoy the moment. Plus having the raindrops line kinda makes it legit for this playlist yes?

8. Spandau Ballet – True

Spandau Ballet’s song True became a worldwide hit in almost no time at all. Reaching number 1 in the UK first and then traveling the world over as the go to love ballad of 1983.

Written about a platonic friendship with a female singer, Gary Kemp used poetic wording and inspiration from Marvin Gaye to create the foundation sound of soul in the song. Notable is the song was written and released before the tragic murder of Marvin Gaye a year later. 

So the rain is falling on the roof, the windows are laced with patterns of h20, and here you are thinking about friendships and relationships that just seem to make you feel whole inside. Yet another great addition to our playlist being built thus far.

9. Pearl Jam – Last Kiss

Originally released by Wayne Cochran in 1961, Last Kiss took on new life through the musical melodies of the voice of the 90s, Pearl Jam. Last Kiss is inspired by the singer who borrows his fathers car and is driving through a storm with his sweetheart. During this drive, a stalled car on the road appears suddenly causing the singer to swerve and crash, thus the singer loses his sweetheart and never forgets the tragic events of that night.

Although not written by Pearl Jam, they brought this song a new and revitalized life to a whole new generation of music enthusiast then and now, and who knows maybe into the future.

This is a song i used to try and sing as a child but never understood the tragic meaning to, since youth and now i’ve grown to deeply appreciate the message within and find solace in it on days of downpours.

10. Blink 182 – I Miss You

Inspiration is unexplained in a clear manner on this one. In 2003 the members of Blink 182 rented a home to record their album. During that time singers Mark Hoppus and Tom Delonge each bounced lyrical themes and ideas off one another to get on the same page, then take to separate corners to write those ideas down in their own ways.

While both take on the vocal duties, their duet of lyrics breeze right into the adult contemporary category. Whether we’ll know the meaning or not, I Miss You leaves the interpretation up to us.

So that completes the Rainy Day playlist provided to you by Contrast Control. While this isn’t a countdown to the best ever, each song provides a unique method of lyrical meaning and melody that should offer at least one song for your playlist.

I hope you enjoy the songs and always find something that resonates within you and inspires. – James

 Written by James West 11-16-2015

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