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Contrast Control has your back when it comes to finding music for any mood or playlist.

There is nothing more amazing than that salty smell of the ocean and sand between our toes. What could make that tropical get away even better? In my opinion, music. So thanks to the collaboration of my playlists and my brother, I present a collection of songs to be added to your playlist to keep the spirit of summer and beach alive!

Without further ado let’s dive into Contrast Control’s Top 10 Island Songs! — James

Carefree attitude of youth is forever captured in Boston, MA based Dispatch – Bang Bang. From the lyrical imagery painted of shutting the shades and sleeping a while longer, to exploring the coast line looking for meaning in life or even in what today brings and means.

This is an essential Island song for anyone looking for that memorable carefree day that life seldom allows one to have.



Virginia-bred, Ocean bound SOJA have made grammy status in recent years and have created songs that drift one away to a ocean vista easily.

Being of my favorite songs in general, Not Done Yet depicts a man who doesn’t feel a relationship is over when there is so much more left to say and affections not yet presented. Mixed with a full band arrangement and subtle guitar work, SOJA have created a perfect fit for this list in Not Done Yet.



Capturing and defining the term ‘Summer Love’ is Iration, who based out of Hawaii define themselves as ‘Island Rock’. That being said, Falling is a song about a one interaction with someone and chemistry being instant.

As the song progresses it tells the story of these two kindred spirits meeting again, despite it seeming like a once in a lifetime occurrence. Don’t you just love a happy movie ending in music form?



More Fire is a great addition to this list as it hits that Reggae style that has for generations bonded people of all creeds and ages to the universal language that is music.

I love the overall tone and Benji’s vocal diversity and melodic impact as the song can easily sneak itself into a chill mix of beach playlist that features the likes of Sublime, Iration, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and many more.



Helping us get into that more fun/adventure state of mind are punk legends Goldfinger with their song Superman. Featuring reggae style guitars and a horn section that will get you on your feet, Superman is an essential song to any of my playlists as i remember the days where i would be skateboarding or driving as fast as i could.

For others it may be that time of vacation for surfing and extreme sports, either way, this song will smash that relaxing playlist and put you in the mood to swim and explore an amazing Island playground of your choosing.



You knew deep in the back of your mind or at the front that somewhere in this list, Bob Marley was going to have to be featured. When it comes to Reggae music who else could it be?

One of the most iconic musicians of any generation, Bob Marley created a powerful message of unity and love through reggae style music. That being said, any song he created always gives the vibe of an island, a escape, a love of people and many more good vibes.

So don’t question it, just add that Marley into your playlist and thank Contrast Control for reminding you of that universal language of love and unity. 🙂



Want a transition into that constant acoustic playlist? I can work with you on this. Ethan Tucker is a musician from the state of Washington.

While being miles from a tropical paradise, His song ‘Cool Kids’ brings that social imitation and Island vibe that will keep you on that smooth playlist.



Need that summer love song in the list? Check this out.

Long Beach talent J-Boog captures everything Island vibe in much of music, but in particular Sunshine Girl is a very sweet in sound and warm-natured song of that significant other who can be the light in life and the center of the universe.



No dispute. Sugar Ray knows that beach sound and takes full advantage of it through their decorated career of Island and Reggae influenced songwriting and pop hits. Fly in particular is one of the gateway songs that introduced me many diverse styles mixing into one pot of musical bliss.

These version featuring Super Cat exploded the airwaves and music video channels throughout the late 90’s and early 2000’s proving to be a testament to the Island and beach lifestyle making many a playlist a paradise in their own rights.



Wrapping up this list and leaving no time for the wicked is Rebelution.

For years these guys have been rocking and mellowing out listeners in one song after another. This song in particular holds a special place for me as it tell me and anyone else who listens. Not to let someone hold us down and ignore the negative comments/influence of the bad people in our lives.

That’s a message naturally anyone should get behind and feel motivated to bring positive thought and action to the forefront of life. So if there were ever a song to end a playlist with it’d be Sky is the Limit by Rebelution.

It’s been fun sharing all the songs i love dearly and appreciate. There are many more iconic songs out there but these gems are worth a listen and addition to that spotify or itunes list you are no doubt creating for future adventures in the tropic. 

Written by James West 10-5-2015



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