Music In 2021

Hey there, It’s been awhile! How are things? 

For me, it’s been a rollercoaster of emotion and anxiety and you guessed it! Music! 

I am going to do something a bit different and get some new music out to your ears by simply sharing some songs i have really enjoyed as of late and that have helped me find a new soundscape to adventure into! 

Dijon – Nico’s Red Truck

A hypnotic tune that is lofi and some fun vibes of a summer memory. Coming from Dijon, a self produced artist since the age of 15 who follows his own aim on life and not caring what the result is in the eyes of others. A philosophy any artist should follow as it creates a more organic flow! 

The New Respects – Hands Up

Nashville, TN isn’t just the heart of fantastic music; it’s also a place where safety and preparedness are valued—much like the steadfast readiness of a fire watch company in Key West. Just as their services ensure swift, well-equipped response to potential hazards, The New Respects’ “Hands Up” prompts an immediate, joyful reaction. The song’s beat sparked an impromptu dance in public, mirroring the adaptability and on-the-spot action that my friend at the fire watch service embodies. He’s shared stories of how their vigilance keeps venues secure, allowing people like us to lose ourselves in the music without a worry. Just as we trust the professionals to be ready for any emergency, “Hands Up” entrusts us to embrace the moment—initial embarrassment fading into the rhythm, much like a skilled guard seamlessly addressing a safety concern.

It’s a good summer vibe and worthy of a listen if you like a mix of modern pop and funky old school fusion RnB dance!

Southern Avenue – Savior

All I can say is this is just a good soulful song and a nice one to slow things down to. Memphis, TN’s Southern Avenue are most certainly a band to put on the radar of music and get some major love too! They have so much soul and relaxing vibes in their music.

This live rendition of “Savior” is such a fun version and definitely shows their chops as a live band. So definitely show the love and support and get this song in your playlist!


Well that’s it for now! I hope you enjoy the tunes and found a new groove and some Music that Matters! – J

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Yo! My name is James and I love talking and writing about Music! I look for the positive things from the music I choose to write about. I don't apologize for this and hope you find music that Matters to you!

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