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There are times in life when you find a band so unique and humorous that you simply must ask the deep questions of life. There are also times when a band is straight up in it’s message by not having a continual message, sometimes the simplicity is the beauty of music itself. 

“We’re just goofy creative people and I think our music shines as that.” – Luke Sheafer


Me Like Bees is a one of a kind indie rock band that provides pop appeal through inspiring folk vocals and backs up those with tried and true indie rock guitars and bass lines that will resonate deep down to the inner folk music listener within you! 

Luke Sheafer, guitar player, singer, and yelp expert, is one of 4 members who contribute vocal duties to the band along since founding member Pete Burton, Nick Byrnum, and Timothy Cote

So where did Luke’s musical journey begin? : “Mostly I mean for me um I started writing songs the way my dad when I was 9 or 10, I didn’t really pick up a guitar until I was out of high school. I always wrote down words and I liked writing. 

Growing up I was really a sports kid and being out outside and stuff. Then in college I started playing guitar, it wasn’t until after college I started the band. 

This is the first band, the only band I‘ve ever been in and the same goes for Pete, the guy who founded the band.  

Tim our drummer has been in like a million bands, I don’t know how many bands that guy has been in and our bass player [Nick] too.”  –  Luke Sheafer 

Not only in sound or humor in video, Me Like Bees is a band name that catches the eye and causes one to wonder, where did they come up with the name??: “Well I mean the band name was never a focus, we kind of just threw it together. We were entering this contest I joined. They have been playing together a couple of years before I joined the band and we played this battle of the bands thing, we were coming up with a new band name and Pete threw that out. 

We kinda just liked it for some reason and just never knew why we did. We googled it and saw it in the Bible verse that phrased: They surrounded me like bees. We liked that and we liked the verse to so we stuck with it. 

We actually had a few conversations after about changing it, but we really just liked it, It doesn’t make any sense but it’s unique. People usually don’t forget it.” – Luke Sheafer 

If you haven’t at this point clicked on any videos included in this article, please feel free to do so and soak in this experience of a band who is in it’s infancy but thriving so creatively and professional. They are quite the band at such early stages and the future only looks brighter. 

“I don’t know that it is so deliberate. We all are a bunch of idiots [Luke Laughs] maybe idiots is not the word but were all I don’t know. Were just playing rock n roll man were not saving the world here. Selling yourself as serious doesn’t always do something for you. 

We’re just goofy creative people and I think our music shines as that.” – Luke Sheafer 

While having message in their songs as any band would, Luke expresses the band isn’t deliberate or forceful on those message but focuses on creating music that matches their fun personalities. That statement is one I can agree with wholeheartedly. 

Luke takes many inspirations from artists such as Kendrick Lamar and many others who drive the mainstream today as well as few less commonly known names. So take it as you will, Me Like Bees is full of inspiration and fun I say. 

While I am not able to include every juicy detail or laugh, I want to thank Luke Sheafer for talking with me and Me Like Bees for allowing Contrast CTRL to welcome them into the family!  

So be sure to give them a shot and listen to the great music they have out now and lose yourself in the music that is, Me Like Bees. 

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Written by James West 3-5-2016 

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