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Jay Woodward comes from LA with a sound that is euphoric, giving a sense of drifting away in the ocean just taking in the deep blue sky over head.

Jay went into this project with the view of an art project. Starting with the canvas, his haunting acoustics and echoing vocals following suite to create a sense of loneliness but feeling wrapped in the warmth of that isolation. Madonlina is a track that needs no vocals to assist in its undeniable addicting tone.

Each song presents itself in a way that shares the common thread of being lost in a blissful taste of Americana. I use Americana in the sense that it has hints of folk, blues, and a taste of something native to experienced man of the land.

Jay’s overall sense of echoing loneliness that accompanies each song brings my ears to a sense of happiness as the mundane mood playlists just seem to be forgotten on Letters We Told. I feel as if I don’t have to worry about what suits my mood but more about what I need to hear.

Mainly about the perspective of ourselves and having a culmination of self-awareness, Letters We Told ensures the listener this is something most certainly lost in time deserving of an observation. While I can’t give interpretations on every song, Believe the Honest In Your Veins is a song that slowly creeps into my mind from time to time leaving me with a sense of self inspection and deep feeling of satisfaction.

The guitars that are the building blocks to the sound of Jay Woodward drive each song and helps along the theme of isolation. One man with a message and a guitar…in an empty hallway or tunnel just sharing his heart.

It’s very hard to pin down where this would fit in a playlist. Would I be feeling sad? Thoughtful? Enlightened? I think I’ll have to make a playlist for “Euphoric musical goodness” just to put this somewhere special that can recalled in my moments of hectic indecisiveness when picking a song or album that I truly need to hear.

I gladly welcome Letters We Told into my music collection as an example of something uncommon to every day music listening and a much needed addition of diversity, relaxation, drifting away with my back to the ground and eyes up to the sky. Speaking of sky, with a creative mind like Jay Woodward’s, The is the sky and his listeners are the canvas as his music paints emotions not often tapped into.


For more information on Jay Woodward please visit: www.jaywoodward.com

Personal Favorite Tracks: Little Bird, Madolina, Garden In The Sun, Believe the Honest In Your Veins, I Will Be Glad, The Truth.

Written by James West 2-7-2015

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