‘When You Think It’s Right, It’s Always Wrong’ Post Profit Review

When it comes to music that matters, it can be the rhythm of the instruments that evoke an emotion, or the lyrics that paint a grandiose picture of humanity and the complexities of emotions that fit in between.

To me on a personal level, I really gravitate to a mix of both and end up referring to those songs or artists in times of depth or times of joy because either way they ignite a fire of motivation within me.

Post Profit is such a band I’ve discovered that has given 2022 a perspective and inspiration that despite all the madness of the world, music can be a guide for personal journey and peace.

The album in question for this review will feature explicit lyrics and themes such as “how can humanity be better?”.

I’m very happy to attach to bands who create amazing instrumental work and complimenting vocals that all encompass a theme of humanity. Take it for all it is or isn’t, it’s what we got as a living people.

‘When You Think It’s Right, It’s Always Wrong’ is a strong title in itself as it calls the hubris of our thinking process.

12 packed tracks on this album provide thoughtful intros to some songs and also a flow of musical energy that keeps the sound of the album as a whole consistent.

I’d like to take the chance as always to give my personal take on some stand out tracks and feature what I feel are the strongest parts of this album. Mind you it’s always encouraged that as a reader you find your own groove and songs that resonate to you!

When You Think It’s Right – The start of this album hits hard on the theme of a house of cards, we can build lies and make ourselves perceived as something we aren’t but when faced with reality or hard hitting life situations, down come the cards. It also paints the picture of expectations from relationships in general as we all want to have the good in us seen and shown, the flipside of that is if we hide our flaws those will be brought to the forefront more so.

Basically just give people honesty, it goes a longer way and saves both parties from heartache and headache!

Haunt Me – A lingering relationship, feeling, persona, happier time. All of those things can be a ghost of you. Post Rock instrumentation and reverby vocals and harmony drive the point home of how the depths of despair and sadness can happen when a relationship comes to a conclusion.

"You said you'd haunt me 
But where have you been 
I've been waiting for months 
To Feel you under my skin"

We’re All Monsters – The song that started this musical journey for me when it comes to Post Profit! It’s catchy, it’s loud, it’s just fun but thoughtful!

The band points out a very hard truth in this songs theme: When the world goes to chaos and people are left wondering why, who is to blame? Everyone sadly. We all have a role to play in this production and the more we point fingers and blame others for things we can help make better, we go nowhere. So yeah, we’re all monsters when we don’t learn to show love and create a better landscape.

This theme translates to every single aspect of life from joy to tragedy, every decision made has a reaction and consequence. I’d love to share a snippet from the band on their inspiration for this song so I’ll leave the rest to the experts!

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to announce our new single – “We’re All Monsters”. This song was written about a universal concept: that we as humans are not perfect. We make mistakes, and we hurt each other. Most of us have a closet full of skeletons, so to speak. When something bad happens to us, we often look for somewhere to place the blame. For most of us, that’s much easier than accepting our faults. This song begs one question of humanity – how can we be better people? In a world where it seems everyone is only out for themselves, sometimes it’s difficult to see where humility and civility should fit in. We want people to understand that it’s okay to accept your faults, make changes, and not let your faults define you.”– Post Profit

Post Profit on announcement of single We’re All Monsters

Well that will do it for me. I enjoyed every single track from this album and wanted to bring y’all some of the amazingness I experienced. The rest is up to you and I hope you enjoy the album!

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