Poem: Covering by James West


Poem I wrote in the midst of my chaotic thoughts. Basically remembering someones words when you need them most. –James



Through all my choices
The miles that run through and through
A lonely flower that never seemed to bloom
Would you fall apart beside me
Just to reach deep down to the real me?

Pressures of the old me seem to follow through
As the man inside is redeemed and kept true
You follow the course of wisdom setting the example
As I trample along the damp cold path just to get a view

Inside this heart of mine is a light
Begging the moonlight to let it shine
Like a hollow star wanting to burn bright
As i go through the uphill climb

Your kind reminders remain underneath
Creating the tempest in me
Telling me to be the man
I know i can be…

Written by James West 1-12-2015

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