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Joyous Wolf is a rock band from Southern California that brings that beach vibe and gritty classic rock n roll groove that has lasted the test of time and always provided crunchy grooves and a sound of aggression and smoothness that has taken the world by storm many times over.

Place in Time is a 7 track EP that provides that nostalgic sound of the tried and true classic rock that has formed the bands of the ages from Zeppelin to many others.

Each track on ‘Place in Time’ is a study of what worked in the past, to what will work now. A all around fun listen from the first track to last. Songs like “Quiet Heart” create a vibe reminiscent to that of The Black Crowes with a mix of Shinedown.

The title track “Place In Time” is very Zeppelin in nature but has it’s own groove wavelength that makes a fun entry into a rock n roll playlist easily.

With bands like Greta Van Fleet bringing a new life and popularity to the classic rock genre, it’s no wonder Joyous Wolf has gotten a wave of popularity themselves. That doesn’t mean to say any particular band is imitating, but merely reminding us all that rock n roll is indeed not dead.

The production on Place in Time is very solid as you can hear each instrument on a equal level, even on guitar solos the drums still pound the eardrums, bass lines smoothly caress us and the vocals never overshadow the music. 

Musically and lyrically each song tackles topics of relationship struggles and finding a legacy to leave as a musician. Deep topics on each front but every single track makes sure that doesn’t become a sappy call for help or awareness, but rather a expression feature in a groovy track.

Track number 5 “Feel The Low” is a more toned down effort that hits a softer note from Joyous Wolf. To be punny the “Joy” is still found on this song but brings you down from the dance-able vibe the other tracks feature. This is definitely that tried and true rock ballad you will want to come down from an exciting time and be more reflective and relaxed.

A personal note from your favorite Contrasting writer is this. ‘Place in Time’ by Joyous Wolf  is a fun album that features the classic rock vibe with a touch of 90s and 2000s. All groovy and never leaving anything to be interpreted. Solid Fun ride will go again!

Contrast CTRL is always about featuring music that matters. In this case the music matters as it brings back a groovy vibe to a modern age that focuses on the top 40 pop auto tunes and makes you want to pick up an instrument again. Thank you Joyous Wolf!


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