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Jakub Zytecki is a musician from Cracow, Poland that creates unique soundscapes that can echo, captivate, and transcend the traditional genres. 

When considering a body of work and a one-man band operation, most often think of the impossible task of pure selfish creation from the artist. Jakub Zytecki however seems to create music not only he can enjoy but tunes that everyone else can relate to and just get lost in. 

Ladder Head is a 5 track EP that has reverb heavy guitars and complex arrangements with simple drum and bass implementation. Minor vocal work is wonderfully placed to provide appropriate atmosphere and body to the already healthy tracks. 

In so few words an impact is made on the first track titled after the album itself, thus providing a great introduction and airy vibe to your ears. 

As a musician myself, always searching out of the norm of my comfort zone can be trying and often disappointing. Jakub Zytecki however has proved to be that thing I didn’t like upon first listen but after many attempts it has grown on me and become something essential to my music collection. 

This is a great example of a musician overseas who is a hidden gem to the dull and daily grind that is our billboard charts and streaming service select favorite lists.  

‘Ladder Head’ as a whole is very tightly constructed and mature in nature as the whole body of work is thoughtfully put together. The second track Yesterdead is the typical Djent/Jazz fused jam that reminds you of elevator music that’s being played by the ocean side and almost makes you close your eyes to imagine that awkward elevator being on the ocean. Yea, I know it’s weird but it works trust me! 

‘Lovetape’ is a bit more traditional to the Experimental rock genre as it features minor fuzz to the guitars and having a wonderful bass line to accompany the guitar so it’s alone in the tracking process and keeping that content ever full and interesting.  

Segwaying into the topic of Experimental Rock. For those who don’t know: “Experimental Rock is a sub-genre of Rock that pushes past the boundaries or borders of common composition and performance technique.” It’s very experimental in nature as it doesn’t keep to the traditional timing or the structure often provided in the Rock genre as a whole. 

‘As You Are’ feels like a personal message to each and everyone one of us. Without words, each instrument is crafting the musical language to understandable terms of confidence and enthusiastically telling us that we are doing a great thing by listening to something we normally don’t give thought to. 

At the 3 Minute mark, As You Are just goes crazy guitar-wise and works wonders with the synth noise and the pounding drum section to create a more dance-able vibe. 

Album Art Ladder Head

Last but not least we come to ‘NightDiving‘ the fifth and final addition to the record where we are reintroduced to vocals and a very fleshed out bass riff that is juicy and interesting without the guitar. Playing mainly bass for half of my existence, I can’t help but praise any record or track for giving the bass love as a diverse instrument so well don’t Jakub, well done. 

‘NightDiving’ as a whole is wonderfully put together leaves us wanting more vocal work and chill vibes as the song runs its course to completion. We are then left satisfied and well prepared to experiment more with the work of Jakub Zytecki 

Ladder Heard is a weird but creative name for an album that is a quick listen and a fun ride that provides music that helps one think and maybe bust through a boring day of work.  

Ladder Head by Jakub Zytecki is an album that deserves plenty of appreciation for being the norm breaker of music and a like to any playlist. Contrast CTRL is very happy to add Jakub Zytecki to the music that matters on this wonderful website and look forward to more tunes from him in the future! 

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