Poem: Man of Many Mistakes

This is a poem i wrote over 2 years ago and find it to be a personal favorite of mine. It will also by my first poem placed on this website. Hope you enjoy and share with your friends and family!

—James West

“Man of Many Mistakes”

I am a man of many mistakes
learning to live with the way there made
cherishing the lessons learned
but regretting how they were earned

It’s not so hard to fall in
getting back out is the challenge
gaining respect is the hard part
so i get frustrated

I am a man of many mistakes
but i have also made accomplishments
which should outweigh more on the scales?
that i will never be able to tell

I am a man of clarity
but only when the moment strikes
after that i’m stuck in the middle
between what’s wrong and right

Aren’t we all in this same fight
day after day and night after night
i hope to feel like i’m not the only one
who’s learned and got burned
i hope for happiness
i hope..

About James

Yo! My name is James and I love talking and writing about Music! I look for the positive things from the music I choose to write about. I don't apologize for this and hope you find music that Matters to you!

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