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Contrast Control reviewed Jay Woodward’s album Letters We Told awhile back. [Click here for that album review] It was only natural we would invite Jay back to speak with us about the album as well as share details about what’s important to him and what he has in store for all his faithful listeners.

Letters We Told was a great glimpse into the heart of one man and how he perceived the world. Taken from the view of an artist and an empty canvas. Jay’s vivid word pictures laid over haunting melodies created a relaxing and euphoric experience that I will not forget for many years to come.

Finally here we are, the questions!

James West: Where does the musical journey for Jay Woodward begin?

Jay Woodward: The musical journey begins at the motivational moment when I finally feel like getting out of bed. The songs come to me like picking fruit from an orchard tree… there is really no understanding of the beginning at all.

James: Looking back, how much have you grown since your start in music?

Jay: Music is an entity that has always dwelled in me. The process of transforming the premature emotions into something semi-digestible has been a long battle. I tell people it took me 10 years to make my first album- Letters We Told… and it has. I have had to hone everything through stages. The learning of guitar, the writing of songs, the recognizing what good songs sound like, the live performances, the letdown of the live performances, the learning of recording and relearning how to properly record, working on a delicate timeline, and digesting the criticism in a way that makes me want to start the whole process over again.

James: Jay, if you could work with one musician you respect who would it be and why?

Jay: I already work with that musician- Christian Dupree. He is a genius of a cello player that understands the subtleties of making the right part and fitting that piece into the puzzle- that is what this is all about, after all- a giant puzzle.

James: What went into making Letters We Told?

Jay: Many jobs that I hate, pounding my head against the wall when I woke up and looked at what I had done the day before and had to throw out, screaming in the car driving to a job that lead me to nowhere but anxiety and the feeling of worthlessness, loss of appetite for the simplicity of enjoying a good song on the radio.

JW Big Bear_bw-17

James: What is the message behind your album?

Jay: I’ll let the listeners figure that out for themselves.

James: Are you working on any music videos to help promote your music?

Jay: I have a music video for Howl in the works but hardship has fallen upon my Director so I urge no one to expect anything and the same goes for my next album. But with that low point stated, take comfort that if you will it, the material will come.

James: How has social media and YouTube helped spread the message of your music and connect you with fans?

Jay: Social media has been our marketing scheme from the start because it is pure. The purity comes from good doers like yourself who devote themselves to the art spreading good word, elegantly opposing the “Hearst Media Empire” way of life. The purity derives from your constitutional right to be truly democratic in free speech. Money doesn’t form your opinion, just the love for what you do and whatever you want to do after that. My hat is off to you fine bloggers, tweeters, and silent listeners.


James: What would you say is the most important thing in life to you?

Jay: My faith in God, love of my wife, and the pursuit of happiness through true liberty, even if I have to die for it.

James: If an aspiring musician asked for words of wisdom, what words would you share with them?

Jay: Practice your art and keep it excruciatingly pure.

James: Are there any new projects you are working on?

Jay: My second album, Good Grief. They say it’s the next Le Tigre.

James: Will you be touring this year?

Jay: No tours lined up, but if there’s blood the wolves will come.



James: Thanks for answering my questions Jay, your music is truly special. Do you have any parting words for the readers of Contrast Control?

Jay: Special thanks to Contrast Control and all my listeners. You keep me vertical and sucking air.

There is all you need to know about Jay Woodward. A man who is poetic in many ways and a hard worker as he continues to create new music for himself and all of us. I’d like to thank Jay for taking the time out of recording schedule to make this article come together nicely and give all the Contrast Controllers food for thought.

Be sure to check out my album review for Letters We Told and pick up his album. Be sure to stop by the links below to learn more on Jay Woodward: www.jaywoodward.com www.facebook.com/pages/Jay-Woodward/ www.jaywoodward.bandcamp.com

Written by James West 3-13-2015

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