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From the depths of the Boston underground music scene and straight to the hustle and bustle of Brooklyn, NY come Infinity Girl.

Infinity Girl are a 4 piece band that falls into the awkward genre of Shoegaze, a term coined for a genre of music based on musicians who stared at their feet during live shows. Infinity Girl however shock and awe as their album ‘Harm’ is a strong sophomore effort comprised of 11 songs.

In and of itself, Harm is a unique look into a band who comes from such a diverse scene of underground musicians who take on the Shoegaze genre and the likes of the more abstract tones of alternative rock.

Infinity Girl capture that raw recording tone and atmosphere as each song blends guitars in treble while the bass and drums feature a certain distorted resonance capturing the visual sense of a band playing in a home studio.

When it comes down to it I love the sound Harm captures and keeps consistently from one track to the next. Another focal point many will notice is the dialed back vocals that play background foundation to the guitars and drums as they lead the sing in a youthful and punk-esque fashion.

Musei – Track number 10 and one of my overall favorites, Musei captures that chaotic jam session vibe as the guitars cut loose while the drums and bass keep on time. The sense from this song is one of the band lost in a never ending jam or distorted mess and not regretting a second of it. I love it!


Young – The lead single off of Harm. Capturing that songwriting style only a youth who is musically minded can capture, Young is anything but the title as it drives off the influences of early 90s alternative rock that most could only find in a local dive or music shop.

Around Me – A fitting end to a album that thrives off chaos and distortion. One of the more laid back songs, Around Me is a song that captures the warmth of a room and puts a nice rock spin on it to ensure you enjoy every second before you no doubt press play on it again.

While I don’t always fall into the shoegaze listening mood, I am reassured that when I do, Infinity Girl has my back and my playlist of thoughtful songs in check. Harm by Infinity Girl is set to release soon and should be given a listen to at the earliest convenience.

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Personal Favorite Tracks: Musei, Young, Around Me, Dirty Sun, Not Man, Hold.

Written by James West 8-15-2015

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