A look into Alexx Calise – Artist Spotlight

Alexx Calise is an unsigned singer/songwriter from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She has great talent and i wanted to feature on my sire as an Artist Spotlight.

The song of the topic is Cry. a heartwarming look into the heart of this singer and a touching example of a ballad written with true emotion and romanticism.

While it’s not a new song, Cry is still noteworthy for all to hear and be able to relate to. That’s the beauty of songs, they can stick with each and every one of us for years whether its a ballad or a dance number. It’s still there and still resonating with us.


Cry was also featured on the lifetime channel which helped bring it to a more popular light. The Women’s network put it in rotation on their “Dance Moms” show. This brought in moderate success for Alexx and further established her talent as a singer.

For more information on Alexx Calise please visit her official homepage: http://www.alexxcalise.net/

Written by James West 12-15-2014

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