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Formed in the USA, White Reaper is a band of rarity as they approach rock n roll with a classic style that reminds one of The Beach Boys, Eagles, Buddy Holly. There are also newer elements of The Vines who are known for their raw garage sound with a touch of simplistic tone.

White Reaper Does It Again is a 12 track album full of short length songs but packed with amazing content of feel good vibes and fast moving times.

Tony Esposito, front man and guitarist of the band has taken a page out of the Ramones playbook with the level of melodic that is packed chock full into these song structures. While his vocals can be rough, gravely, or silky smooth, Tony makes sure to place everything in at once without worlds colliding.


Last 4th of July – Featuring a music video of slow motion carefree fun on a junkyard car, this song creates a memory all in itself of the fleeting moments of life we often take for granted or miss out on all together.

Candy – One of my favorite tracks, Candy brings that tried and true punk rock vibe of the 70s carefree music of rebellion against the cookie cutter establishment of big brother records. Tony’s guitar work and dedication on this song shine through as the solos exit the song in a warm manner.

Sheila – Who doesn’t love a song about a confused girl who can’t pick what she wants in life? Well, although I don’t have a understanding on the female side of things, youth brings on many mistakes and paths that are traveled until the right fit is found.


Make Me Wanna Die – Another song of a relationship that is just obviously too much. The smothering and clinginess of this relationship apparently isn’t bad through the singers eyes, but it often makes him feel like he doesn’t time to breathe on his own.

The expense of sacrificing your time to make someone else smile goes miles more than that solace most deep minded singers/writers desire most. So be sure to treat one and all kindly and make sure you can even the smallest increment of time when it comes to looking out for others even if it’s just a minute or two of intently listening and smiling back at those who smile at you.

While this album is tremendously short in time-length than other albums on the market, White Reaper hit the topic of teenage confusion and self-identity right on the nose. White Reaper Does It Again is a fantastic album that captures the youth and insanity of life all in one perfectly punk, classic rock n roll record.


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Personal Favorite Tracks: Pills, Make Me Wanna Die, Last 4th of July, Sheila, Candy, Alone Tonight.

Written by James West 7-28-2015

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