Review: Blacktop Mojo “Self-titled”


“Cash is King and you’re the jester honey!” – Blacktop Mojo – Do It For The Money

Founding members of the Contrast CTRL family of featured artists, Palestine, TX natives Blacktop Mojo are back with their full length 4th album that is simply entitled “Blacktop Mojo”!

On this release, you can expect some southern flair and heavy riffs as well as some romantic Spanish guitar excellences

The themes featured throughout the album are a darker topics that can provide a lot of personal insight if you are so inclined too.

Sound: interweaved are light distorted guitars and acoustic foundations that make this the most instrumentally solid album to date with simple but sweet sounds and some amazing guitar solo work.

New listeners to Blacktop Mojo have the treat of enjoying the band at such a amazing point in time and touch of quality work. I hope that any who are new feel inspired to dive into the big collection of rocking tracks Blacktop offers across a better part of decade now!

As an avid listener of Blacktop Mojo, I’m very excited to have new tunes to add to the library for some rock n roll goodness!

Tail Lights – One of the main singles and for good reason. It’s a blues infused track of heartbreak and a rock n roll goodbye. You ever need a song that speaks to you after a breakup? Look no further! One of my favorite songs and something i can listen to over & over and feel soothed by. Sometimes heartache is a worthy salve to help one move forward.

Bed Tundy – Odd song title but somehow reverberates in the mind even when not playing. From vocals to guitar this is a true and legit rock n roll good time of a song!

Make Believe – a solid ballad with reverberating vocals an acoustic guitar playing it’s lonely riff while the romantic guitar entry of another player falls in to create this short but sweet comforting break between the distorted and drum inspiring orchestra heard this far. A personal favorite track of mine and I want more of this!

Hold Me Down – such a wonderfully southern flair track that brings up that summer vibe in the middle of a rock n roll record. It’s almost mesmerizing how this song rings true to the infinite amount of songs out there that follow this structure yet it’s brilliant and stands out and thrives on this album.

Right song, right album, right band.

Do It For The Money – as the choir introduces the song into that knock down drag out heavy riffage, do it for the money talks about cash being king and what we do to attain it. Whether it be for survival, providing for family, or to attain massive wealth, cash king and we are jesters dancing for it.

While it’s not nice to hear that is the harsh reality of living in the modern era. There is always a silver lining however, if you pursue passions and work hard to attain goals then doing it all for the love of what you do ain’t so bad and a self introspection into why we do what we do could pay off in dividends in navigating those shark infested waters of finances.

Latex – another personal favorite of mine, latex is a song that covers a very strong topic of how we never change despite getting into a relationship. Instrumentally it is a very heavy hitting track and features a amazing guitar solo.

Speaking on the theme of the song, it’s a very surreal topic of how we think we change when we get into a relationship but the reality is is that some old habits never die. After the dust settles on a relationship we can often look back and see that we never really change but we put on a mask.

It leaves many doors open to figure out if you are fine with who you are or that you did not like what you became when you were in a relationship with someone or many other diverse avenues can be explored on this song. The only thing I can truly say is that this song brought some feelings home to me that I didn’t realize I was dealing with.

A standout track with many many ways to interpret and interact.

Blacktop Mojo is a band that keeps getting better with time. They keep exploring new ways to create and express themselves that is simply amazing!

Like previous albums, you can expect their signature sound and the implementation of new material as well as a twang of southern goodness!

On a personal note, I find that as the years go on my musical tastes often change and sometimes for the better! That being said, I think this is a another wonderful album from a band that really cares about what they do and what they create and the future keeps getting brighter and brighter for them!

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