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Music for me and many others is about finding true meaning in the audible frequencies and digging deep to present a piece of one’s self for the world to love, or criticize. 

That said, music can provide insights into the artists that often can be overlooked for the looping bass rhythms and wub wubs that come from the top 40 list and dominate with catchy choruses that mean not a thing. 

Contrast Control is about getting past those songs, which in their own right serve a purpose and are fun escapes. However, CC will always share music with meaning and positive aspects. Let’s look at the latest thought-provoking addition to the music collection! – J 

Red Line Tragedy is currently a 3 piece band from the great state of Maryland who produce music that is heavy, melodic, and very thematic on real life situations. 

Learn to Fly is the latest release from the band that features 9 tracks of real life situations turned into an audible poetic soundscape of heavy guitars. blasting drums, deep bass rhythms, dark textures of lyrics, and very thoughtful harmonizing vocals that convey the lyrical depth of the bands creativity. 

Angel In The Ground – A powerful track about the struggles and battles lost when someone is addicted to drugs. A tragic topic that Red Line Tragedy conveys in a beautiful light and encourages support to someone struggling. 

The instrumentation on this song is very laid back and pop rock in a vibe as it creates this musical suite of sounds that drive home the point of getting through this situation with your head up. Definitely a song Contrast Control is all about sharing! 

Hollywood Scars – Tackling the ears with a visceral guitar heavy intro and leading the listened right into the smooth vocals of frontman Mark Richey, who on the surface provides that radio friendly sound, but on edge of reality, brings to life this message of the fakeness of fame and the fall of the titans in Hollywood. 

What I really enjoy about Hollywood Scars is the message conveyed in the frailty, frivolity, and fake appearance that is often not needed or created in those who are considered popular either in music, TV, or Movies.  

Learn To Fly – The leading single and title to the album, Learn to Fly is special song in it’s sound and lyrical depth. The noticeable attack of the bass is prevalent in the verses and drives the chorus to a very deep landscape textured with a lead guitar that is memorable and bliss to the ears as the drums prove to be a true foundation of amazing heights. 

In my curiosity, I contacted Mark Richey about his inspiration behind this amazing track and he said: “Learn to fly was the first track that I wrote for the record. It was a transitional time in life for me.” Mark also added: “LTF was my way of saying that no matter what anyone throws at me I can handle it and I will always move forward and overcome even the worst of situations ” 

With that said we are presented with a song about learning to fly with broken wings. In that sentiment alone we can break the message down to overcoming and even tho we may feel broken, we can push forward through the worst life throws at us. 


End of Review: When all is said and my view and Mark’s are shared, what are you left to decide? That’s a question only you can answer.  

For me, this album provides the theme of struggle and overcoming in a very heavy and memorable light as the visceral attacks on topics such as drug addiction are tackled with a light texture, Learn to Fly that provides a heavy rhythm section to getting up and doing something to get out of a bad situation. 

Many of the other tracks on Learn to Fly are much the same in this nature in how each story is told in It’s own signature way of heaviness and melodic harmony. Contrast Control looks forward to hearing more from Red Line Tragedy as they amp up 2016 tours and future writing sessions. 

For more information on Red Line Tragedy, please visit the following links: 

Personal Favorite Tracks: Learn to Fly, Paper Wings, Angel In The Ground, Hollywood Scars, Vanity. 

Written by James West 1-13-2016 

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