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Socionic is a 4 piece band from LA [Los Angeles] that creates music that is insightful as much as it is heavy in tone and harmonic in vocal melody. Based off the study of human purpose and ones role in life, Socionic took to the name of the scientific study of what was just mentioned.

Socionic is:

  • Michael Meinhart
  • Lior Dar
  • Matthew Denis
  • Billy Graczyk

While the world is filled with many people and backgrounds, it’s hard to sift through the masses to find what we may feel is our true identity or self worth in this life.

Socionic is speeding the pace of that self discovery along in their complex musical structure and vivid artwork that depicts science fiction style scenes of humans in isolation, masses, or society. All these things drive the force of positive thinking to the fore when accompanied with the music.

Michael Meinhart is the musical mastermind behind the band and the driving force behind the artwork in connection with Valp, a graphic illusionist from Poland who brings Michaels imaginative musings to life in such a high res and stunning color pallet way.

Getting into this interview, Michael tells me a bit about how he started in music to how he met the guys that make up Socionic.

“Become empowered and confident in yourself, don’t be afraid to pursue and push farther.” — Michael Meinhart



“I’m the singer and frontman of the band Socionic. I’ve been dabbling in music my whole life and production. I decided I wanted to get into the real thing, and the scene out in LA is smaller than people think.

So you just go to shows and do classifieds to meet other musicians, and that’s kinda how I met the other guys through those things. We’ve been together for a few years new, got a good solid team now.” — Michael Meinhart

Contrast Control is a site driven by my love for music, I listen to it and appreciate it first. I do the interview/review/critic things separate and merit what I enjoy and don’t off of the music I love. Michael expressed the same sentiments“Me too, I consider it the same thing. I’m a music fan before musician, I think that’s where the passion comes from. The Inspiration.” 

With the bands artwork and darkened heavy sound, many can get the wrong idea about the messages that are created within. I’ve always wanted to ask artists that despite how their music may be heavy, can it be positive and provide encouragement?

“I would definitely say a big positive point is that self-discovery and finding individual self is important part to life and encouraging that. A lot of people misconstrue heavy or dark music as being negative.

I mean metalheads and dark music lovers know that it’s more empowering than it is negative. So the message that Socionic sends goes into  self-discovery of yourself and becoming a positive individual.” — Michael Meinhart

That is a great deal of proof right there of how music can empower and create new expectations and goals simply because it either calmed you or energized you. So take what music offers with a grain of salt and don’t brush off the abstract or heavy just because it’s the pattern of top 40 charts to do so.

Michael and his band take it seriously to find the motivation and power in music no matter the style or person: “Become empowered and confident in yourself, don’t be afraid to pursue and push farther.”


As we bring such a positive conversation to an end, Michael Meinhart of Socionic shares these parting words to the aspiring creative mind.

“I would definitely say embrace music and art in general and chase that passion to that place of personal discovery.

It’s hard to make living in this, if that’s your goal you are not ever gonna get close because you gotta have passion, something more to get out of it than just career and money.

Honestly that’s what keeps me going and makes me wanna do more is that discovery and focus on pushing myself and working with my bandmates to discover new things.

Then when you create that thing, if you like it, it’s beautiful, and when other people like it it’s the kind of appreciation and feeling of creating art. That’s the big thing, I think everybody should create whether it’s writing, art, or music. 

I think it’s a big part of the human condition and I’d say yeah go for it, but focus on that passion and what it rewards you with first before you worry about the rest of the other stuff. It’s what’s going to keep you going more than anything else. That passion.” — Michael Meinhart

Showing off my copy of Dividing Horizons. Thanks Socionic! - J

Showing off my copy of Dividing Horizons. Thanks Socionic! – J

There is our introduction into the band known as Socionic. One of their 4 creative minds who shares a passion for humanity and the furthering discovery of what we are capable of as individuals.

Socionic have big things in store to further support their latest and successfully crowd funding release, Dividing Horizons. If Michael has it his way, each song off the album will be accompanied with a vivid music video furthering the mysterious yet beautiful artwork surrounding the band already.

I’d like to welcome Socionic into the ever diverse and growing Contrast Control Family, musicians and creative minds and hearts that seek to motivate, encourage, overcome, and move forward in life.

For more information on Socionic, please visit the following links:

Written by James West 1-21-2016 


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