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The brainchild of front man and keyboardist Josh Schaurer, Left in the Dark is a 4 piece Alt Rock/Metal band from Englewood, Ohio. There attraction to ambience in the intro Shadow Glass more than sets the proper tone for following 12 songs.

Coming from a dark place to firm hold on life, Left in the Dark consider those dark spots life a treasure of wisdom and experience, something to look back upon and know the strong really do survive the worst of situations.

Whether it’s about the loss of a loved one or a loss of a relationship, Left in the Dark tackle those topics and create a heavy ambience and tone that meshes into a vivid picture that can be heard and imagined through any set of speakers or headphones.



Denial is the second track on Shadow Glass and such a strong introduction to the band in the way it tackles self-denial of bad situation that ensued and is done. Either way, It’s done and you are committed to either rising above or falling below.

Denial also touches on some of the heavy riffs that follow throughout the album, giving us all a taste of what is to come and what we most definitely need to look back on.

Lie To Me – If the title wasn’t obvious enough, the song covers the topic of being lied to and lying to ourselves. Sometimes letting go makes it hard for us move forward as we constantly refuse the needed change.

Josh’s vocals shine through with a haunting melody as the song hits heavy highs and then harmonic ambient lows.

Looking at the band as a whole, Left in the Dark is made up of:

  • Josh Schaurer-Keyboard/Guitar/Lead Vocals
  • George Hargreaves-Guitar/backing vocals
  • Travis Reynolds-Bass/backing vocals
  • Brian Gerth-Drums/Keyboard/backing vocals

At this part of the review, I want to bring attention to the fact that every band member takes a brunt of vocal duties and when it comes down to the instrumentation, each member works in harmony and sets a great example of a band working together and having multiple parts each.

That, being said Left in the Dark is a well-oiled musical outfit that brings a powerful message I can relate to and find myself revisiting even when my mindset isn’t on the negatives. That’s the beauty of music, no matter the mood, if it’s good enough we will revisit it over and over.


One Last Time – Currently the lead single on Shadow Glass, this song proves to be the perfect way to close out the 13 tracks of heartache, tragedy, and rising above. From the heavy hitting intro to the more mellow verses, One Last Time shows how no matter what we always think just One Last Time.

Broken promises, denial, and realization. All of those things are components to learning about oneself and the progression is takes as human being to learn and move on from the toughest situations we may find ourselves in.

Shadow Glass by Left in the Dark is a strong creation of 4 individuals who have been through much and learned a lot. That willingness to share in a audible format with all of us is a rare gift we find in this musical landscape of auto-tune vocals and top 40 thoughtless hits.

Oh yeah! The album is available via Bandcamp at a rate of name your own price with no minimum. You can’t beat music deals like that so grab the album now and drop these guys a few bucks for all the production work and heart they put into Shadow Glass!


So there is my 2 cents on Shadow Glass and the band behind this fantastic album. With this much content packed within 13 songs, Left in the Dark leave a lot for the listener to soak in and find meaning for themselves.

As always enjoy your music and keep an open mind on why there is always beauty in negative spaces.

For more information on Left in the Dark, please visit the following links:


Personal Favorite Tracks: So Far Away, Denial, One Last Time, Lie To Me, Riptide, Best Wishes, Gone, Stone Floor.

Written by James West 8-10-2015


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