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Life Screams Is the solo Debut of Lacey Sturm, formerly of the platinum selling status Flyleaf, Sturm created this album out a three year hiatus from music to create a more positive sound on the airwaves for all to enjoy. 

With the help of loving husband and guitarist Josh Sturm, Korey Cooper of Skillet, and Ex-Evanescence tunesmith David Hodges, Lacey Sturm brings forth  Bright yet heavy entry known as Life Screams. 

Sturm in recent interviews had this to say about her new album and the landscape of music she saw : “I was just listening to the radio one day and I said to myself, ‘If I hear one more song telling people to kill themselves and go to hell, I’m going to have to put a record out!’ 

It’s not hard to agree with the above statement. Music as a whole has become a consumer market of selling trends and Ideas of looking out for yourself, making mass amounts of money, women, cars, jewelry. Overall a selfish nature clouds the popular charts of music. 

Life Screams is the anthem to the realist, the music lover, and the overcomer. From the lead track Impossible, to the end song Run to You, Life Screams is just that, a scream and an anthem for a better music scene crafted from real experiences and people. 

Roxanne – Originally written in 1977 and released in 1978 by The Police, Roxanne was born from lead singer Sting’s observations of prositutes working near the hotel he and the band were staying at in France while putting together their first album. 

Thanks to Stewart Copeland’s master drum work, Roxanne found it’s direction and popularity in it’s implementation of Reggae and Rock. Lacey Sturm reimagines this song as haunting and crying out that you don’t have to put on the red light. So to sum it up she conveys it as a tale of caution. 

What makes this version is special is it was recorded during a live show so we hear the instruments and Lacey in their rawest form and setting as we hear our little female scream the name Roxanne with such ferocity and guttoral distortion easily matching the aggressive guitars at the chorus’ end. 

All in all Roxanne is my favorite by far off Life Screams so make sure you get to this track ASAP, K? :) 

Impossible – The lead single and powerful entry into Life Screams, Impossible is about appreciating every breath of life and making each day count. From the simple things in life to the bigger, being alive and overcoming all the odds. That’s the Impossible 

Lacey conveys a message in the video above of being alive and making that choice of doing all you can before life is taken away in death. This song is a strong resemblance of the signature Lacey Sturm sound most will notice from her sting in Flyleaf. All around this song will rock with heavy bite and bring you to a beautiful melodically driven place of positive vibes and great sounds.

Run to You – a somber entry on Life Screams and the ending track. Conveying a message of love and letting go, Lacey brings soft vocals to the acoustic backing and drives home the point of always loving someone even if you have to let them go. 

Life Screams – Title track of the album, Life Screams is everything Signature about Lacey that made her stint in Flyleaf resonate with fans the world over. From the melodic pianos and harmony of the guitars and drums, this song is a complete package of soft rock that is heavier than you’d think. 

Life Screams is the essential track of getting that sense of Flyleaf but also a new shade to Lacey and her vocal prowess as she breaks barriers to create a new comfort zone of soft music with that mix of rock edge. Overall the song conveys a message of listening to life as it screams and changes constantly. 

Lacey Sturm-Life Screams-Cover Art

End of Review Notes: While only 4 of 11 heartfelt and rocking tracks, Life Screams is a album I’d wholeheartedly recommend to everyone as a essential album of not only a tail of life being beautiful, but of a female singer who wants you to know this as well. 

So for fans of Flyleaf and female singers, Life Screams is the album for you. It’s signature Flyleaf but it’s also signature Lacey Sturm and set’s the standard for not only herself but for all singers and music lovers to broaden the horizon and take in life in it’s many unique, and often, amazing forms. 

For more information on Lacey Sturm, please visit the following links: 

Personal Favorite Tracks: Faith, Life Screams, Run to You, Impossible, I’m Not Laughing, You’re Not Alone, Roxanne [Police Cover]. 

Written by James West 3-14-2016 

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