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Finland, a country that is commonly known for it’s darker influences on fashion and music. Much of the goth scene has been inspired by the lore of the country and the musicians who present an abstract yet familiar since to music and art and film. 

Finland features so many unique things to those in my country and many others I am sure. However, Grandmother Corn is band that breaks the traditionally popular look and sound of this European sovereign state. 

Comprised of three musicians who love rock and blues, Grandmother Corn provides a classic sound of Robert Cray, B.B King, and the White Stripes as their music is fast paced and bluesy but down to the core simple and elegant in song structure. 

Naturally once I was turned on to these guys, I had to reach out if all possible and question these youthful minds on what motivates them to create and where they came up with their interesting name! 

Below is only a small portion of the fun I had speaking with these guys over skype. Teo, Rasmus, and Sakari all participated and shared laughs with me in the process so a tip of the cap to any musician who is up for a fun conversation. 

I asked each of them how they became musicians: “I started playing guitar 5 years ago and I loved Eric Clapton and B.B King and I heard Peter Green. That’s how I got up my own style from listening to those guys. Then soon after that, I started singing and I think that’s it [laughs]” – Teo 

“Yeah well it’s about the same, I started about 4 years ago and I started with Black Sabbath and guitar and then I took up the bass with Grandmother Corn.” – Rasmus 

“Well uh I at first played the cello, which was over like 10 years ago, then I slowly started to learn other instruments as well maybe 5 or 6 years ago. So piano and drums came from that.” – Sakari 

How they got together to make the band:“The whole thing started like a year ago as me and Sakari were jamming some country blues sound rock n roll songs. It was just for fun and then we made recordings, then after we had first gigs. We thought we could play electric songs also and then we called Rasmus in and that’s the whole thing.” – Teo 

Where the band name came from: “The name came from Native-American god. Unfortunately we don’t know that much about it, we were looking for some cool names and we found this one book in library and I was scrolling through it and trying to share cool names from it. 

We were on the phone with Sakari and told him how they sounded and we both agreed on how Grandmother Corn sounded.” – Teo 

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Hearing how the guys got the name intrigued me enough to look up this Grandmother Corn and learn about her and how she was deified. Often referred to in stories as Mother Corn, she is told to have found a baby orphaned along a beaten path she would walk. 

In time, this boy grew and learned many things from her about nature, hunting, safety, and many other wise things. This boy could never learn where his Grandmother was getting the ingredients for her corn and beans that she prepared for him to eat. 

In time he found out the secret of the ingredients were coming from her. Once she knew that he learned this, she sent him away but no before burning the home they lived in with her inside. He was to return much later with his wife to where they used to live.  

Once returning they found maize and bean plants sprouting where he once lived. Thus many Cherokee natives believe the corn and beans they plant come from Grandmother aka Mother Corn. 

Interesting story right? While this isn’t very musical it is always fun to get a lesson/story from other cultures am I correct on this? 

The guys also have humor in their videos and incorporate parts of it into their music while still touching on serious topics. 

Teo and Rasmus said: “I think we are quite in our own lives having fun. I think that humor is quite an important in all the art and things like movies and paintings also. So it’s quite natural and we didn’t force it to come it just came naturally.” – Teo/Rasmus 

While I wasn’t able to share the entire conversation with these guys, you got some of the fun parts and know a bit more about spirit of Blues remaining alive the world over despite the auto tune era being ever full force in the charts. 

So go check out Grandmother Corn and have fun with the music, they hope to one day be able to create a full-length album and promote their music overseas in a larger capacity. For the time being, Grandmother Corn is in strong support of their local music scene. 

So support bands you like and help these three young men make a dream come true of creating music! 

Contrast CTRL would like to welcome Grandmother Corn into the family, where we have many fun and talented minds who encourage, inspire, and love all. 

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Written by James West 4-29-2016 



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