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Coming from Orange County, CA is A Toi MeSHen. Pronounced ‘A Toy Machine’, ATM is made up of 5 musicians who take their views of the world and combine them into audible storytelling experiences.

ATM have released their debut album already that is made up of 10 songs that are meant to make the listener think and feel on a level of positive emotions and actions. Daynon Lato, lead singer for the band shares with us this article about everything his band is about and what they plan to do with their musical skills.

Jumping right into things, I’ll let the band speak for themselves: “Alright well um my name is Daynon Lato and I am the lead singer of A Toi MeShen, that name came from a twist on words, a metaphor basically. Essentially on our bio I put up that we all are toys in the machine.

That’s kind of reflective of the sign of the times and what we are going through, I feel all musicians and actors and writers and artist are to bare witness of all that’s going on around us.

It became clear it was kind of controversial in a way, basically represents a formula of science and mathematics that represents technology and human advancement.” – Daynon Lato


Daynon and his band are very mechanical in their thoughts and songwriting process as they are driven by how humanity treats one another and how change is needed in some areas and also how life can dramatically matter on the kindness we show to one another.

Going a bit further into things, Daynon explains a few songs on A Toi MeSHens debut album that is comprised of 10 tracks.

“It is reflective because when you listen to our music its very dichotomist in the things that we are and that we don’t want to talk about so much. Many things we do want to talk about. Waste of Time represents our thoughts of wasting our time and dreams on music because things aren’t in our hands anymore.

Because of streaming and royalties not coming to the artists. But as musicians we are forced to follow our drive and dreams.” – Daynon Lato

“When you listen to songs like Phony People it’s all about all the phony people around the world that we put our trust in. We need more love, we need more statements about right and wrong, we need more awareness of what’s going on around us.” – Daynon Lato


When asked what inspired the words and themes on their self-titled album he said: “There is too much hate going around. Racism is all around and people being unkind. I haven’t seen these things in years and it’s astounding. I felt like we were moving forward in life and then here we are falling so far back.” – Daynon Lato

When it comes to being a musician, one of the unavoidable hazards of the job is dealing with the crowd. Whether you have a PR person in your corner or not, fans will find unique ways to reach out and get the attention of the musicians they love.

Daynon however is ahead of the curve on this as he makes it a personal goal to always reach out and interact with people who connect to the things his band writes: “I try to reach out to everyone on a personal level. Tony is just very flamboyant and a crazy guy on stage, he is just a fireball. You know Doug our bass player is the ex bass player for a band called Crazy Town, he was one of the original guys and has two platinum albums on his walls.

You many know many in our generation don’t know this but when people used to hear the name Mario Lanza he was a very famous icon and MGM icon, his grandson is Tony Lanza, so he comes from a linage of true vocalists.” – Daynon Lato

Mentioned in the above quote, Doug Miller was a founding member of the rap/rock group, Crazy Town, who in the early 2000s, were known for their use of two rappers, heavy riffs, and pop radio appeal.


Doug has since moved on to A Toi MeSHen and is now creating music once again with musicians who passionate about what they do. Tony Lanza, who does the rapping for the band has a come from quite the musical family of Tenor singers.

Tony’s contributions to ATM are seen through his clean rhymes and ability to harmonize with the other members while still being able to take that rap approach.

Contrast Control has a tradition when wrapping up interviews by asking artists to share parting words of encouragement to the aspiring musician/singer/songwriter/life enthusiast:  “I would say. Don’t worry about the pain it takes for a little while in your hands and fingers because we all went through that. Just stick with it and start writing your melodies and follow what you like. As soon as you start playing your own parts by yourself, without messing up, find some people to play with.

Once you find a drummer and bass player you’ll find out how worth it this all can be. So it’s your aim to do that. Lots of people give up on life and things they like, if they would have stuck with it a little longer, the outcome would have been totally different than they imagined.

Music has brought a lot of great things to my life and everyone in my band. So if you are a aspiring singer or musician stick with it man, just lock yourself in room and keep at it.” – Daynon Lato

I think now we have a proper introduction to motivational at heart band. A Toi MeSHen are comrprised of 5 musicians who want to bring change and positive themes to music while being able to create a high energy live show.


So there we go, A Toi MeSHen have already released their debut self-titled album and are making themselves available for live shows and the possibility of live stream concerts in the near future. If you haven’t taken the time through this article to listen to the samples on YouTube and bandcamp of these guys, you are really missing out and need to put in some earbuds asap!

So with all that’s been said and done by the band, things are clear that songwriting is ever fierce in those who want to see a better tomorrow and spread good vibes to all who will listen.

I would like to thank Daynon Lato for being so kind to share what his band represents and to Yvonne Laughlin who helped bring this interview together. A Toi MeSHen are officially welcomed into the Contrast Control Family of already diverse and every growing collection of musicians and all around nice people.

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Written by James West 12-23-2015

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